Two camera men in back of car with their cameras

The Urban Film Club was started in 2007 with funding from the Local Network Fund to give young people an opportunity to make their own films in response research we carried out amongst young people who told us that they were interested in making films but they didn’t have the opportunity to do so.

The scope of the club has expanded to include people of all ages with an interest in making their own film and looking to gain skills to help them in life or in their careers.

A club where people can work with professionals to make their own films. It’s for anyone with an interest in making a film.

Urban Film Club can operate anywhere. We will bring the club to your organisation or sometimes we host a club and invite people to it. The club provides filmmaking opportunities and gives participants the opportunity to gain skills to help them in their life and careers.

A group of people work together to make their own film assisted by a professional crew.

Here’s what’s involved:


The first session is a mix of discussion and practical and includes:

Learning about different aspects of film making including film types and genres
Considering ‘what is a story?’
Exploring the group members’ ideas, aspirations, interests, hopes and fears
Determining what story they want to tell
How do they want to tell their story? This includes what characters they want to appear in their story and developing an outline for the story
Acting for camera skills, where members improvise a scene from the film to be made.

All these ideas are then taken away and turned into a script.


Suitable locations are sourced and a film crew assists the group in the making of their film. All necessary equipment, props and cstumes
are brought in and the film is then made over a period of three days.


The film is professionally edited and any effects and music added.

The final DVD is produced and the film is distributed online.

The Club’s films have been screened at film festivals and an organisation’s AGM.

What do those participating in the club gain from attending?

The opportunity to work together to overcome challenges and make their own film

A DVD of their completed film

Informal learning opportunities to improve their personal and social development skills as well as the creative aspects of acting and filmmaking.

"Effective in getting people to work together.”

The Club helps to develop social interaction, communication and team working skills. The group works together with a facilitator who encourages debate and ensures all voices are heard and listened to. This encourages assertiveness, adaptability, respect and tolerance of each other and their views as the group works together to determine storylines and characters and overcome challenges.

"People were presenting each other with respect and helping each other.”

Outcomes include improved self-confidence and self-esteem through participation, acting and seeing their achievements on screen.

Often participants are reticent at first, being nervous of the camera and appearing on screen. This is overcome as they are encouraged by the facilitator and each other.

"It was a confidence booster in myself to know that I can do what I want if I put my mind to it.”

The project focuses on empowerment. The scenes need to be carefully planned and when things go wrong, as they sometimes do, (such as builders starting work next door or unexpected snow) the group is kept on their toes and their motivation and commitment are all stretched as they consider contingencies and revise plans to ensure the film is completed in time for editing and screening. As the group make the decisions themselves, they are in control of heir own film and its processes. As a  result they take on a greater sense of
ownership and on completion there is a greater sense of achievement.

"Made me get energy in a productive way.”

Participants improve their creativity and acting skills.

 "I learnt a huge amount ... in the use and importance of good sound.”

They also enjoy themselves.

"I loved the experience.”